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A podcast about returned Peace Corps volunteers and life after Peace Corps. Twice a month, RPCV, Astrid Vinje, interviews fellow Peace Corps volunteers about their experience during and after their service.
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CC 23: Kenya | Ryan Weber

Ryan and I chatted via Skype earlier this month about his time in Kenya, where he served as a health volunteer with his wife.  I was intrigued by his descriptions of his site, being both very removed from everyone yet connected at the same time.  Although he and his wife were placed in a remote community, their house was in close proximity to a cellphone tower, which allowed them to stay in touch with folks back home.  As a result, during his time in Kenya, Ryan was able to complete an online Master's degree, and record two albums with his band, Eric and Magill.  I am constantly surprised at how much technology has allowed the Peace Corps experience to evolve and change, even in the eight years since I finished my service!

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Ryan E. Weber originally hails from snowy farmlands on the Western shores of Lake Michigan.  He is noted for playing in indie bands such as the shoegazey-Cambden, emo pioneers-The Promise Ring, Midwestern altcountry road warriors-Decibully, spacey and sublime indie popsters-Eric & Magill and most recently creating the sparse and dreamy - REW<<.  While working in both Kenya and the Republic of Armenia, Weber collaborated over the internet with a host of notable contemporary indie artists including members of Shearwater, The Dirty Projectors, Owen, Volcano Choir, and The Delgados, to name just a few.  These days, he can be frequently found in subterranean tunnels waiting for Metros below the nation's capital.

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Listen to Ryan's band, Eric and Magill at, and also check out Ryan's solo work at