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Life after Peace Corps Podcast with RPCV Astrid Vinje

A podcast about returned Peace Corps volunteers and life after Peace Corps. Twice a month, RPCV, Astrid Vinje, interviews fellow Peace Corps volunteers about their experience during and after their service.
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CC 18: Season 1 Retrospective | Clint Bush

As the first season of our podcast winds down, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to sit down with our creative producer, Clint Bush, and take a look back at some highlights from the season.  It was fun to listen to clips of some of our favorite episodes.  There were humorous moments and serious moments, light-hearted moments and profound moments.  I think with 17 episodes under our belt, we have a pretty good idea of what worked and what didn't work. 

It was also great to give our listeners a chance to get to know Clint, who has put so much time and effort behind the scenes to make this podcast sound good.  This has been a wonderful learning experience for the both of us, and we look forward to what the next season of Corps Conversations will bring us.

Riding the bus in Paraguay with our daughter, Mira (April 2013).

Riding the bus in Paraguay with our daughter, Mira (April 2013).