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Life after Peace Corps Podcast with RPCV Astrid Vinje

A podcast about returned Peace Corps volunteers and life after Peace Corps. Twice a month, RPCV, Astrid Vinje, interviews fellow Peace Corps volunteers about their experience during and after their service.
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Corps Conversations Ep. 1: John Wilson | Ghana

I had a great time talking with John Wilson about his Peace Corps service, and hearing about what it was like for him coming back.  One of the main sentiments I took away from the interview was how our Peace Corps experiences really help us appreciate the importance of making human connections, and to remember to be present in the moment.  In our world of text messages, instant messaging and Facebook, it’s so easy to lose sight of that.  Thanks, John, for reminding us!

John getting his hair braided in Ghana.

John Wilson served in Ghana from 2004 to 2006.  He is currently a Senior Associate Program Manager for Population Services International in Washington, DC.  He lives in Baltimore, MD with his wife (also a Ghana RPCV) and their son.

John at home in Baltimore with his son.